Grooming Report December 27,2012

NTN Trail Report

Forestville: 12.27.11: All trails groomed for skating with Ginzu Last Night. Tracks were set from 19k to Co Rd 510.  Tracks were also set on Mukwa yesterday.  All other areas there are no classic tracks due to thin snow cover.  Yesterday the skiing was very good to excellent on most of the trail.  Problem areas remain under the hemlocks; in the recently logged 100 yards just below the lower Mead gate near the 20k mark; and in the swamp near the small bridge near 17k

Blueberry Ridge 12.26.11: We groomed Superior, Wolverine and Lighted Loops on Friday. There is still too little snow to set a classic track.  We also skate groomed Crossroads and Husky. Conditions range from “fair” to “good”. Coverage is about 90%. I should add, to the east loops(Spartan, Superior, Wildcat)the snow is very thin along some stretches. I am sure that classic skiers will still be able to “ski-in” a classic track; and the skaters will be in fine shape.

Valley Spur: 12.27.11: 1 to 4 inches expected today. We will be grooming when needed to keep trails looking great. Lodge is open and Soup is on the table. Soup and bread provided by the Cooking Carberrys. We expect good conditions for classic and great conditions for Skating. Trails a,c,d, y,w and the road out to Heart Attack and on to EFG return are open.

Saux Head 12.26.11: Sauxhead received about 5-6 inches of new snow Friday and received the first roller groom of the season.  Skiing is good to good.  The inner loops and especially under the hemlocks is very thin but all trails are skiable.  The very smooth ground surface makes for good skiing with very little snow.

Fit Strip 12.25.11: Has been rolled, still not ready for rock skies yet but great for snowshoes or snow bikes.

Volunteers Needed to Help with Adaptive Ski Lessons

Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL), is in need of experienced Cross Country skiers to help children and adults with disabilities learn to cross country ski. SAIL is a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities become independent. SPAR is a program of SAIL that gives people with disabilities an opportunity to recreate.

A volunteer training will be held at the NTN trailhead.  The training will consist of sit ski demonstrations and training logistics.  SAIL Volunteer Training will be held on Thursday, January 5th, 6-7pm

Adaptive Ski Lessons will be from 4:30-6:30pm and will be held on January 14th, 17th, 24th, 31st & February 7th. Sessions will be held at Forestville and February 11th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and March 7th at Al Quaal.

For more information Call 906.228.5744 or log onto

Happy Holidays from everyone at the NTN