Grooming Report 12/27/12 & Grooming Clinic Update

Forestville: Bawagi, Chiwagi  and the Noque to 510 were groomed  last night.  Classic tracks because they were in good shape.  Skiing looks very good today.   General Grooming Comments: Grooming Goals and Philosophy: The majority of grooming at Forestville is performed by volunteers and there is a shortage of volunteers. So, if you are interested, we have a grooming clinic TODAY the 27th at the trailhead, 4:00 P.M.
The Forestville system has over 40k or trails. We would love to have all 40k of fresh corduroy every day and with enough groomers we could do it. In the meantime, we strive to keep all trails very good and a significant portion of fresh grooming every day. You will see our priority order in the detail list below. Much of our grooming is performed with Ginzu equipment, especially early in the year as the base is still too thin to use the Bombi equipment. With adequate funding, Bombi grooming could become an everyday practice.
There is still some air in the snow and small race baskets occasionally punch through. Typically this is especially true on the outside pole plant for classic skiers. In an effort to combat this effect we have taken care to pack the outside of the trail prior to track setting and have shifted the track further from the edge. Please visit us on Facebook and leave a comment. Knowing your opinion will help us provide a better product. Details below:

TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to 14k 12/26 8 P.M.
Lower Animoosh Groomed & Tracked 12/25 P.M.
Groomed & Tracked 12/25 P.M.
Upper Animoosh Groomed & Tracked 12/25 P.M.
Boozoo Groomed & Tracked 12/25 PM.
Zhing Groomed & Tracked 12/23 PM.
Papasay Groomed & Tracked 12/23 P.M.
Gookookoo Groomed & Tracked 12/23 P.M.
Bagwagi Groomed & Tracked 12/26 8 P.M.
Chiwagi Groomed & Tracked 12/26  8 P.M.
Migizi Groomed & Tracked 12/25 P.M.
Waaban Groomed & Tracked 12/25 P.M.
Mukwa Groomed & Tracked 12/25 P.M.
Connectors Groomed & Tracked 12/23 P.M.
Mead Hill By pass Rolled 12/24 P.M.
TRAIL 2nd Priority
Noque from 14K to 510 Groomed & Tracked 12/24 P.M.

TRAIL – Third Priority
Noque – FV – Tourist Park will be groomed when snow permits.

Saux Head: Rolled 12/23: 2-4 in new snow on a 1 in base. Completely rolled with good conditions on the Wilson Creek loop and fair on the Peep-o-Day.

Al Quaal: Grooming will begin when conditions permit

Fit Strip: Groomed and tracked 12/22. Rock skis recommended.

Blueberry Ridge: The DNR has elected to groom Blueberry Ridge this year. DNR equipment will be on site in January. In the mean time Friends of Blueberry Ridge have been grooming some of the trails. I have heard skiing is good and many trails are open. Wildcat is one of the trails not yet open. We will post detailed reports as they become available.

Valley Spur: We have received a 1/4″ to a 1/2″ of snow. Not much but enough to dress the trails. We will be combing and tracking trails today. Trails A,B,C,D,W,Y and Z are open. We expect to have E,F and G open today.