An Ice Cream Thank you!

Greetings NTN Members,

An Ice Cream Thank you!
What an exceptional 4th of July Weekend!  The weekend was long, the weather was great and ice creams sales were up from last year.

The funds raised with volunteer scooping skills has topped out at over $7,000.  The Exchange Club receives 20% for their organization and Jilberts Dairy has been paid for the goods, so all in all, the 2013 Food Fest was a great success.

We had over 50 volunteers, without the people named below we could not have delivered to the long lines of people. Thank you to all and more.

Craig Close Paul Wright Kim Doppelt
Alli Kadler Kathy Wright Noble Family
Nikki Dewald Lindsay Demers John Sonderegger
Jon Swenson Charlie Wagner John Frye
Cary Gottlieb Lyle VanderSchaaf Wendy Frye
Carol Gamber Derek Anderson Mike Sauer
Laurie Weesen Zac Cooley Craig Stien
Dave Buhl Dr Don Mike Springer
Jo Ann Buhl Jill Storm Michelle Moran
Keith Kepler Richard Storm Peter Zenti
Larry Lawless Derek Anderson John Close
Jean Lawless Barb List
Kim Doppelt Jack L’Hillier
Jon Mommaerts Peter Zenti
Andrew Fredrezzi Kate Borzick
Tony Fredrezzi Greg Borzick
Erica London Family Kim Parleto

Many suggestions were made to streamline the volunteer opportunity and increase our customer service and all attempts will be made to improve for next year.

Again thank you so much for you time and talent down in Lower Harbor, or if you bought ice cream, we appreciate it greatly.  Hats off to you and thank you.