A Luddite Grooming Report

A Luddite’s Grooming Report

No special reason for the picture, just a nice summer day.

I wear some monikers with honor, or, at least tolerance.  However, the term Luddite is problematic.  As either of my technology challenged readers must know, Ned Ludd was the fictional character that railed against the rise of technology in 18th century London.   They feared the rise of technology would doom their livelihood and that of all workers.

The skilled weavers blamed Edmund Cartwright for inventing the power loom in 1785.  Of course the real invention was the flying shuttle in 1733 but John Kay escaped the bright lights of history.  In any case, the angry mob destroyed two stocking frames in the name of Ned Ludd and riots ensued. Of course, 18th century Londoners knew well the name of King Ludd (another fictional character) as the founder of London in pre-Roman times. The name Ned Ludd and the Luddites have lived in infamy and derision ever since.

In our post modern day, folks that eschew constant use of hand held mobile devices are branded as Luddites for their lack of technical savvy.  I contend this is a miss-use of the term.  So, while my favorite “app” is the one that allows me to keep my phone in my pocket, I love the technology that allows me to be on my surf board between sets in a sleet storm and still accept a business call.  So, while I like modern technology, I have some obvious gaps in abilities.

You may call me a Luddite for failing to include the http://signup.com/go/esuCnaK link so you can sign up to scoop ice cream, I contend it is either old age setting in or just general lack of innate ability.

In any case, PLEASE, PLEASE do sign up for a shift at the 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping event.  There are still shifts open on each of the three days of Monday the 2nd, Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday the 4th.

See you there.