2012 Single Track Season “Thank you”

Dear Singletrack Supporter,

With our first snowfall of the season in the books, our trail building season is nearing the end.  The singletrack committee is proud of what we were able to accomplish this year:

~We kept 2 crews in the woods building trail all summer; one on the south trails and one on the new north trail system.  Each crew was led by a volunteer who was typically putting in 30+ hours of week.   They also had paid trail workers putting in 20-50 hours per week.  The NTN has paid almost $20,000 in wages for our workers this year and the results show in the new trail that has been built: 4 trails on the south side (Porkie Pine Pass and Down Dogger near the trailhead and West Greywalls and Freak’n Nature back on the Red Loop) and 2 trails on the north side ( Collinsville Cut/Collinsville and the almost complete Blue Heron Bluffs trail).

~We bought a 2nd mini excavator and a canycom tracked hauler.  Mechanizing our operations has really pushed the envelope on what we can build as all the retaining walls, berms and benches that have been built show.  The NTN invested almost $25,000 in new equipment and maintenance this year.

~We began the process of permanently securing and developing our main trailhead on Hwy 553.  While our plan to purchase outright the property did not come to fruition, we have continued to work with the city and have a plan in place that we feel will result in a first class trail head facility- hopefully soon.

All this trail work has required our committee members to keep hopping to raise the money that keeps it going.  We’re busy year round with events including multiple races that utilize our trail system.  We’ve also been very lucky to get support from several of our business sponsors to host events including Blackrocks Brewery, Lakeshore Bike, Downwind Sports, Quickstop Bike Shop, the Ore Dock Brewery and Getz’s.

2012 set the bar pretty high for what we can accomplish.  In 2013 we want to keep the momentum going, and if possible even top it.  To do that we need the continued support of the trail community.  Please help us in any and every way that you can:  buy a singletrack membership, make a donation to the trail fund, attend a fund raiser, compete or volunteer in one of the races or show up for a work bee.  But most importantly keep using the trails and telling people how important the trails are to you.

Thanks for your support and enjoy your winter (buy a snowbike).


The NTN Singletrack Committee