Grooming Report 1/28/2012

Forestville: 1.28.12: Good luck to Noquemnon racers. The race will take place on the Noque course. The 12k racers start at the FV trail head. Spectators welcome. Please protect the fresh grooming on the race course.

Race Report From yesterday. See for more news.
(Posted January 26, 2012 10:50AM ET) The trail is looking very good for Saturdays race. We have crews out 24 hours a day for these last few days of trail preparation. We have a new challenge that came up yesterday. Due to the heavy wet snow we received on Monday, some water came up over the ice on Deer Lake and created some slushy areas. We are going to work on that section today and see if we can pack it down so that it will freeze overnight. My expectation is that we will have some icy sections on the lake, as opposed to nice snow. More updates to come. One of the founders of the race Joe Jameson comments that, 99.9 percent of the trail is really good. Lots of snow and a firm groom. The climb out of Deer Lake is better than usual not much rocks, just some dirty snow here and there. The steep ups and downs after the climb out of Deer Lake are well covered no open water or dirt. The Zulkhie hills and Hannuksala plunge are great. With this warm weather we are having today, we have decided to shovel snow onto the tracks in town. We want to be sure to have good track depth on race day. The trail is fine and has about 4 of packed snow over the final 3km, but rather than take a chance we will add some depth to that section. See you all this weekend, Jon Mommaerts, Race Director

Special note the course from 510 up is only open for the Saturday race. Dog walkers at Tourist Park please use the North Country Trail for dog walking as this Noque section is a little thin for the race. We also want to let readers know that the Noque will be closed due to the race on Saturday January 28th until 5:00 pm and Sunday the lower portion of the course will be closed until 12:30 pm Thank you.

Noquemanon Trail Network and “Friends of the Big Bay Pathway” will host the annual Honey Bear Ski Race on the NTN – Forestville location on Saturday, February 18th. Participants of any age can ski classic or skate over an approximate 12-K or 24-K course. All race events will start at 10:00 a.m. from the NTN Trailhead. Registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. (in the pole barn) until 9:45 a.m. Entry fee is $25 per person with all proceeds going to maintain the Big Bay Pathway, which is temporarily closed due to logging activity.
An awards ceremony with door prizes and refreshments will be held immediately after the race on site. Non-skiers are welcome to attend the event to learn more about the Big Bay Pathway and programs offered by the Noquemanon Trail Network. Be on the lookout for that sweet Honey Bear – he just might emerge from hibernation for this event!
Entry forms are available online at and at local sport shops.
For more information call NTN at 235-6861.
Ski Cats Sundays
Monday Night Skate Ski Lessons from DWS Mondays at 6:30 at FV

Blueberry Ridge: 1.27.12 Groomed and tracked yesterday and skate lanes will be touched up this weekend.

Valley Spur 1.27.12 Trails will be touched up where needed. Big welcome out to the Noque skiers and Good Luck. Swanny

Saux Head 1.24.12: Trails rolled, no tracks set.

Fit Strip 1.24.12: Fit Strip has been groomed and tracks set on all trails.

Al Quaal

School Trail and Noque start to Deer Lake – will be groomed and tracked by noon.
Torch Light Trek – downtown Ishpeming (6 pm to 8 pm.) Kick off the Noque weekend with an evening of fun for the kids in downtown Ishpeming. Free ski rentals for the event courtesy of Wilderness Sports and free T-shirts (Wilderness Sports) and refreshments (Lofaro’s) for all participants.

Olympic Trail and Deer Lake Trail – groomed and tracked.

Baby Lake Trail and School Trail – packed.
Teal Lake Trail – all three loops groomed and tracked.

Effective January 1, 2012
The Big Bay Pathway is closed until further notice due to extensive road plowing, logging and trucking along the trail system. Saux Head Trails are packed and groomed. Stay tuned for alternate plans to the annual Honey Bear event. For more information about the NTN and the Big Bay Pathway, call Nikki, 235-6861.

Volunteer Opportunities: It is that time of year again the MGHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon is looking for volunteers. Friday night Expo, Saturday race day and now Sunday morning opportunities are available.

9:45-12:30 Road Crossings
Road Crossings, River Park
Road Crossings, Powdermill
Road Crossings, Forestville/NMU

Call the office 235.6861 or return email at