Grooming Report 1/21/2012

NTN Trail Report
Forestville: 1.21.12 Yesterday the Bombie groomed up the 510 and the 50K course. The 50 k section is only open on race day but prep has begun. We have also groomed and tracked Muckwa, Chiwagi and Animoosh for those that want to stay closer the heated pole barn. Stay warm. We plan to groom Bagwagi and Migeze today.
Special note to the dog owners. We love to have out dog companions out on the trail with us. It is one of the things that make our trails so great, to have this opportunity. I would like to ask all dog owners to be conscious to keep them out of the pole barn. This because of all the smells (new dogs etc) they we peeing in the TH. Now we need to keep in mind and please notice they are peeing in front of the door at the TH. Some are even pooping in the parking lot, by the door, and in front of the garage. Please know that by the door we have poop bags, please take one and keep in your pocket for any accidents in front of the TH, parking lot and on the trail. Dog owners we must have to work together to spread the word. This organization promotes our dogs on the trails, it is an honor and privilege and one of the main reasons I love my job. Please share with your dog owner friends. Thank you. Nikki & Yourick (my dog)

G=Groomed T=Tracked or Comments
TRAIL – First Priority
Noque FV to 14K G & T 1.20.12
Lower Animoosh G & T 1.20.12
Upper Animoosh G & T 1.20.12
Boozoo G & T 1.16.12
Zhing G 1.16.12
Papasay Na
Gookookoo G & T 1.16.12
Bagwagi G & T 1.16.12
Chiwagi G & T 1.20.12
Migizi G & T 1.16.12
Waaban G & T 1.16.12
Mukwa G & T 1.20.12
Connectors G

TRAIL – Second Priority
Noque from 14K to 510 Rolled 1.18.12

TRAIL – Third Priority
Noque – FV to Tourist Park G & T 1.18.12 See above post but be aware that Heavy train traffic has caused the Rail Road to hold off on grooming into the Tourist Park trail head. We are working on alternate plans to keep this section of trail open.

Ski Cats Sundays
Monday Night Skate Ski Lessons from DWS Mondays at 6:30 at FV

Blueberry Ridge: Full Groom on all loops this morning, with a possible touch-up tomorrow to welcome the Ski Cats.

Valley Spur: 1.21.12.
Excellent Classic tracks. Expect some light flurries and temps rising to 19F, so maybe a Blue Extra day. After the 7″ snow on Tuesday and 6″ on Thursday we have the new snow worked in to the system. The skate lanes on W, G and Z will be rolled this a.m. G and Z are finally coming on line as these trails need more snow due to the steep hills. The other skate lanes should be in very good condition.

Saux Head 1.21.12: Trails to be groomed today. Excellent skiing.
Fit Strip 1.17.12: Fit Strip has been groomed and tracks set on all trails.
The Snowbike race is on for Sunday the 22nd at 1:00.
Again this will be a laidback race with a men’s and women’s division. First place prizes for first place for both. Thinking the time for this race will be 30 min. plus one lap. There will be a different course from the last race, however course conditions will be soft, that’s why we will shorten the time up. If course conditions are better and the majority of racers want a longer race, we will change it on Sunday. All donations will go to the grooming and maintenance of the FitStrip. Please tell all of your friends that are interested.

Al Quaal 1.19.12 We’ve been having issues with snow bikers on the Al Quaal trails lately. This is unfortunate to me, but it appears a handful of snow bikers are disrespecting the rules of the trails and even being bold enough to tell skiers they have a right to be there. In 2010, the Ishpeming Parks and Recreation Committee agreed to limited use of the ski trails for snow bikes. The restrictions were basically to restrict the use to specific events (ex. Wednesday night rides or maybe a snow bike race.) Also, prior to use of snow bikes on the trail, the Committee required approval (from me) for the event. To date, I have not received a single request for use of snow bikes on our ski trails, but we have had several occasions where snow bikes have been on the trails. I am a supporter of both cycling and skiing, but the rules of the trails must be respected at all times. Therefore: Effective immediately, snow bikes are banned from the groomed cross country ski trails at Al Quaal. This includes the School Trail, all three Teal Lake Trail Loops, Deer Lake Trail and Olympic Trail. Concerned individuals may contact Jon Kangas, Public Works Director at 486-9371 to discuss.
1/18/12 Deer Lake and Olympic Trails – G + T, Teal Lake Trail (all three loops) – G + T, School Trail – G + T

Effective January 1, 2012
The Big Bay Pathway is closed until further notice due to extensive road plowing, logging and trucking along the trail system. Saux Head Trails are packed and groomed. Stay tuned for alternate plans to the annual Honey Bear event. For more information about the NTN and the Big Bay Pathway, call Nikki, 235-6861.

Volunteer Opportunities: It is that time of year again the MGHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon is looking for volunteers. Friday night Expo, Saturday race day and now Sunday morning opportunities are available. LOOKING FOR SNOWBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP VOLUNTEERSJWe are also looking for Trail Hosts at the pole barn during the week. Shifts range from a couple hours to four. Help sell day passes and keep the fire cozy. Call the office or return email at