Al Quaal

Al Quaal Recreation Area Trails
Ishpeming, Michigan

New trail changes and addition of Snow bikes.

1) We have added a new climb at the east end of the stadium that will provide additional protection from the elements and more excitement for race spectators.

2) We have closed the east entrance road into the park to allow season-long connectivity of the Birchview/Stadium Loop with the Teal Lake Trails.  This will eliminate one road crossing in each direction and improve trail maintenance in that area.

3) We have improved several difficult downhill corners on the Teal Lake competition loop that should significantly improve safety.  I should note, this is a competition loop and novice/intermediate skiers should proceed with caution on some sections of the trail.

4) The Parks and Recreation Committee unanimously approved a “trial” year for snow bikes at its December 2012 meeting.

What this means is:

Any person purchasing a daily or season trail pass will be permitted to xc ski and/or snow bike on the trails.  (Remember that NTN members get 50% off their Al Quaal season pass!  Also remember that the NTN Gold card does NOT include Al Quaal.  You must purchase the Al Quaal “add-on”.  See membership forms for rates.)

We fully expect some conflict on the trails between user groups.  Snow bikes are the “new kids on the block” and will be required to earn their future presence/privileges.  XC skiing will remain the priority for our trail maintenance but all users will be required to use proper trail etiquette.  We will be working with other facilities that have already approved snow bike use to develop our trailhead signage and policy for this new group.  There are no time restrictions on when snow bikes will be permitted on the trails, but we suggest avoiding them a minimum of 24 hours after grooming activities.  Other basic rules will include proper tire pressure to minimize impacts to trail conditions and avoiding damage to the track.

Please remind those that you speak to about this that the purchase of a trail pass is mandatory.  Season passes are or will be available through the NTN, the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, Wilderness Sports and City Hall.  In addition, pay pipes are available at the trail head for day passes (we honor the “honor system”.)

As we proceed through the season, do not hesitate to contact the DPW at 486-9371 with any positive or negative feedback regarding this change.  Our best sources of information are the users.

I would like to thank all those that support the Al Quaal trails.

Jon Kangas, P.E.

DPW Director/City Engineer

Daily ski pass available at:

Wilderness Sports
Mon-Fri 9-5pm
City Hall
(906) 485-1091
Mon-Fri from 8-5pm
  • Total Kilometers: 20
  • Loops: 4
  • Loop Names:
    • School Trail (1K) Difficulty: Beginner
    • Baby Lake (2K) Difficulty: Beginner
    • Teal Lake (4K) Difficulty: Intermediate. Has lights for evening skiing.
    • Olympic Trail (5K) Difficulty: Advanced. Steep pitches, rugged terrain.
      • Designed by John Morton, internationally known trail design.
    • Deer Lake Trails (7.5K) Difficulty: Advanced. Very rugged with many ups and downs, some steep.
      • Designed by John Morton, internationally known trail designer.

Download a map here!