Skijoring requires as little as a single dog, a pair of skis, a harness, a belt and a line. What’s the big deal? A fast skijoring team can easily top 20 miles per hour and travel a mile in just 3 minutes.

– Skijor With Your Dog – by Mari Høe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor

Skijouring in Marquette, MI

Any dog more than 35 pounds who likes to run can be used for skijoring. The most common breeds used for skijoring include Alaskan and Siberian huskies, German shorthaired pointers, Eurohounds and hound breeds. A large thin dog that likes to run and has a lot of energy is optimal for skijoring.

Smaller family dogs can also be used, however do not expect them to do all the work! Skijoring with your small friend can be fun too!

Dogs should be well socialized and not aggressive.

NTN Skijouring Rules

The Noquemanon Trail Network has dog specific trails. These trails are open to skijoring.

To use these trials you must:

  • Buy an NTN trail pass! Buy your Pass Here »
  • Buy an NTN dog pass ($1 per day or $10 season)
  • Abide by dog rules and regulations ( See Below )

Dogs are allowed only on designated trails. These are identified on the trails by a blue dog symbol next to the trail name: Animoosh, Noque ( Grand Central Station to CR 510 following the upper Animoosh Dog By Pass, and Forestville Trailhead to Tourist Park only ) and Mukwa ( Great Plains Juntion – Harkin Junction )

Please follow these guidelines

  • Use Dog Stake out line or leash
  • Remove Feces
  • Use proper equipment, including cross country skis (no metal edges), poles, boots, belt, shock-cord bungee line and harness. Do not use a choke collar while skijoring
  • Be courteous to other trail users. When passing from behind, call “Trail” and “On your right (or left)”. If being passed, move to one side behind your dog, and pull yourself up to your dog. Please take extra caution on curves by slowing your dogs down.
  • Be able to cross country ski competently and do not ski with any more dogs than you can handle. Be able to stop your dogs within a reasonable distance
  • Keep your dog on current vaccinations and leave sick dogs at home
  • Be aware of your dogs behavior – AGGRESSIVE DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED

More Information

Facebook: Noquemanon Skijor Club