The Snow is Here!

The crew is out prepping the trails. The Noquemanon has been rolled to the first bridge twice since the snow started to stick.  The stadium is also rolled with plans to move snow to sprint loop hills for some real training.  No reports on the skiing condition yet, only from the groomers.  Thing is, it is still deer season, so wear your orange or bright colors.

The NTN will officially open the Forestville Trailhead on December 1, 2012. We still have a couple official inspections on the new building construction.   As of today, the roads to the Trailhead are icy, so use precaution if driving out that way.  Remember, to drive straight across the railroad tracks and use the other road as your exit for safe travels.

As for passes, we have them at the NTN office.  The office is open this week from 10-4 pm every day.  Stop in and visit to pick up your pass, I will start mailing out on Monday.  Plans are to mail out in alphabetical order.  Passes this year have been upgraded to a higher quality, waterproof card that can hang from a lanyard or zipper.  Each year we will change the color of the sticker and cards will be reusable.  Lanyards, rings, and armbands will not be mailed but available at the office or at the NTN Forestville trailhead.

Exciting times with the new snow, the NTN looks forward to a fabulous ski season.