Responsible pet ownership when our four legged friends join us on the NTN.

Marquette, MI–With the Nordic ski season upon us, the Noquemanon Skijor Club is reaching out to fellow dog owners who share the trails the Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) provides. As advocates for dogs on trails, we seek to educate and ensure responsible pet ownership when our four legged friends join us on the NTN.

While enjoying the NTN with a dog, we ask that all owners abide by the following rules and regulations to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for fellow dog walkers, and other trail users.
A trail pass is required for all dogs on the trails. They can be purchased for $1 per dog, per day, or $15 per dog for a season pass. Humans must also have a pass to use the trails.
Dog walkers should not allow their dogs to approach other trail users who do not have dogs. It is important to be sensitive to the fact that some people do not care to interact with dogs.
All feces must be removed from the trail by all dog owners. We also encourage others to do their part in keeping the trails clean by picking up what other dog walkers may have left behind.
Dogs are only allowed on specific trails that have the blue dog symbol next to their name.
If dog owners are skijoring, we ask that they do not ski with more dogs then they can control. Skijorers must be able to stop their dogs within a reasonable distance.

Dog owners are required to abide by all municipal animal control ordinances and city, state and federal park regulations. Aggressive or sick dogs must be left at home, they pose a danger to other trail users and their dogs.

Sharing the trails with our dogs is an incredibly rewarding experience. Together we must work to guarantee that this is true for all trail users. The Noquemanon Skijor Club recognizes that allowing dogs on the trails is a wonderful privilege. By demonstrating the courtesies listed above we can ensure that we have this opportunity for many years to come. For more information on skijoring please join us on Facebook by liking “Noquemanon Skijor Club” or emailing