NTN Singletrack Membership Update

Dear Trail User,

Despite the fact that many people have started to call 2014 the ‘year without a summer’ it has been a great year so far for those of us here in Marquette that love to use trails.

The NTN has completed some great new trails highlighted by the Carp-EH-diem trail along the Carp River in the South Trail system and the Collinsville extension on the north side.  We also opened a dual slalom course, a new beginner to intermediate dirt jump trail and have continued to make upgrades to several of the free ride trails on the Benson Grade.   Just as exciting, at long last we have broken ground on the South Trailhead pavilion and should have the facility completed by the end of September.  The icing on the cake, of course, is the recognition of Marquette as an IMBA Ride Center.  The NTN partnered with the Range Area Mountain Bike Assoc. to create the ‘Marquette County Ride Center’ which is currently designated at the Bronze level.   This recognition ‘certifies’ Marquette as a legitimate mountain bike destination with trails for all rider types.

The only real downside of all this progress is that it comes with a price tag.  Along with our core volunteers, we’ve kept 3 paid workers in the woods the whole summer.  This expense, along with fuel and maintenance on our machines, and the materials used to build all the needed bridges and boardwalks have really added up and our trail fund is nearly depleted.  We also plan to groom singletrack for snow biking again this winter and will need funding to deliver the type of product that people have come to expect.  We’ve held events to raise money and written grant requests; we’ve solicited sponsorships from lots of local businesses and we’ve worked to build partnerships that help bring in additional funds.  At this point our last significant untapped source of revenue is the trail users themselves.   The NTN is a membership organization and membership fees go directly into our trail projects.  We are asking anyone that uses the singletrack trails in our system on a regular basis to support our ongoing work with a membership.  If you are already a member THANK YOU, and please tell a friend and encourage them to join you.   Membership can be done online at http://www.noquetrails.org/membership?type=singletrack.

Downloadable forms are also available on the website and at all the local bike shops.

With the full support of the community, we will be able to continue building trail through the fall until the snow flies and then transition into winter grooming operations to give people year round access to the recreation they love.   We work hard to be responsible with your hard earned dollars and hope that you consider support of the NTN an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Thanks for your consideration,

The NTN Singletrack committee