NTN Grooming Report, 3.22.13

Forestville: Last night we groomed and tracked the Noque to 16k, animoosh, chiwaji, waaban, muckwa, gookookoo, and the inner loops. Bagwaji, migizi, and Noque to 510 have nice track with 1-2″ of fluffy snow.

Thank the land owners: Skiers are reminded that most of NTN’s trails are on private property and we ski at the pleasure of the owners. Most trails are designated as non-motorized at the request of the land owner. Some areas, however, are on access routes for the land owner’s property. If you see them, be sure to say “thank you”.

Grooming priorities: Ideally we would have 50k of groomed skiing every day. It takes about 3 hours per 10 k of trail. Most grooming is performed by a handful of volunteers. Given the limited resources we generally are able to groom about 25k on any given night. This year we have taken considerable efforts to provide freshly groomed trails every day, especially on the weekend. With more volunteers we could groom more trails. As it is, we must make some hard choices. So, we apologize for not grooming the portions that may be your favorite. Every trail is favorite to someone.

Please consider becoming a volunteer groomer. No special skills are required and its fun (well, sort of). One of the benefits of being a volunteer is you can be involved in deciding what is groomed.

Saux Head: Will roll the trail system this Wednesday morning, the 20th.  Plan to groom and set track  Friday, the 22nd.

Valley Spur; See web site for details www.valleyspur.org and on FB at Valley Spur Trails – National Forest Service

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link. http://ishpemingcity.org/departments/parks-and-recreation/al-quaal-recreation-area/

Fit Strip: Groomed and Tracked Sunday night, 3.17.13

Big Bay Pathway: Groomed Friday

Snow Bike Route, South Trails:  Groomed Tuesday night, 3.19.13.