NTN Grooming Report 1/8/13

Forestville: chiwaji, bagwaji, mukwa, waaban, gookookoo and all inner loops were groomed and tracked last night. Any grooming plans will go forward if the temp has been below 32 long enough to have all water removed. Looking like after midnight for the rest of the week. Skiing can be quite nice if the skate lanes get scratched after freezing and it doesn’t hurt the little snow. Please pray for snow and enjoy the skiing!
TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to 14k 1/6 P.M.
Lower Animoosh Groomed & Tracked 1/6 A.
Upper Animoosh Groomed & Tracked 1/6 A.M.
Boozoo Groomed & Tracked 1/6 PM.
Zhing Groomed & Tracked 1/6 PM.
Papasay Groomed & Tracked 1/6 P.M.
Gookookoo Groomed & Tracked 1/7P.M.
Bagwagi Groomed & Tracked 1/7 A.M.
Chiwagi Groomed & Tracked 1/7 A.M.
Migizi Groomed & Tracked 1/6 A.M.
Waaban Groomed & Tracked 1/7 P.M.
Mukwa Groomed & Tracked 1/7 A.M.
Connectors Groomed & Tracked 1/7 P.M.
Mead Hill By pass Groomed & Tracked 1/5 P.M.
TRAIL 2nd Priority
Noque from 14K to 510 Groomed & Tracked 1/5 P.M.
TRAIL – Third Priority
Noque – FV – Coverage continues to be very thin until after the ponds. The ponds are safe to cross and have good ice. Classic tracks were able to be set after the power lines but are very thin with some exposed dirt and rock. Would encourage rock ski use only on this section until we get more snow. If you ski this section please consider helping clean the trail by throwing sticks to the side of the trail to help get it ready for the Noque. We have done a lot of stick removal, but many remain, and everything will help with two weeks to go before the race.
South Trails Snow Bike Route: Conditions remain solid on the SBR. Light snow now and an unfortunate warm spell coming for this week. If we do get a melt, please try to ride the route in the early am or well after dark, if that does not work for you dump pressure to allow for float.Thank you LAKESHORE BIKE! for being the latest sponsor of the NTN STC SBR. Stop in and see their selection of winter riding goodies.
Saux Head: Overall, the trail is in good skiing condition. Note: The base condition at the East Trailhead parking area of the Peep-O-Day is on the thin side compared to the rest of the trail.
Valley Spur: 4″ base w/ 12″ to 14″ in the woods. Trails are in great shape. All trails are open except G due to hazardous conditions on a downhill. Full coverage on all trails. Received 1″ of new snow on Sunday and we will not be redressing Skate lanes until Wednesday to preserve our base. http://trailconditions.valleyspur.org/
Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.
Fit Strip: Groomed and tracked 12/22. Rock skis recommended.
Blueberry Ridge: The DNR has elected to groom Blueberry Ridge this year. DNR equipment is not ready yet but. In the meantime Friends of Blueberry Ridge have groomed some of the trails. As of this report, Wildcat is not yet open. More info on the website.