NTN Grooming Report 1.23.13

Greetings NTN Members,

Forestville: 1/23 Noque to 510 and all FV trails except gookookoo, migizi and a some of animoosh were bombi groom. Last night we rolled to the dome. Today we will be grooming FV loops.

Noque Race Course Update:1.23.13

Al Quaal to Deer Lake: Al Quaal is fine except a few places which are thin.  The run down to Deer Lake is the best we have ever had.  The climb off Deer Lake is great without any rocks and minimal dirt.  The rollers after the climb are uneven and a little gnarly but well covered.  The rest to the first aid station is excellent.

After the first aid station it is good.  There is plenty of snow.  There are numerous little tree shoots sticking up on the edges of the trail which affect the cosmetic appearance of the trail but, again, it is well covered with snow.  The little shoots are scattered throughout a lot of the trail all the way to South Camp Road.  Again, in my opinion, this is all cosmetic and will not affect the average skier.

The Zhulkie hills are fine including the steep switchback above “schnapp’s corner”.  Hannuksula plunge is well covered, not icy, but you can feel the terrain and small dips in the ground.  The plains as you approach South Camp Road have a few stumps sticking up through the trail.  Easy to avoid if you pay attention.

510 To Forestville:Excellent!

Forestville to Dome: Decent snow coverage.  Thin in places and difficult to set track in several sections.  Some dirt showing, but the coverage is good after the significant snow hauling effort today.  More is getting hauled in the log yard area today   Jon Mommaerts

South Trails Snow Bike Route: SBR is in great shape.

Saux Head: Rolled again Sunday (1-20) morning after receiving 3-4 inches Saturday night.  Trail in very good shape.  Will groom when sled is returned from work on the Noque race trail.

Valley Spur; New snow at Valley Spur. See web site for details. http://trailconditions.valleyspur.org/

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.


Fit Strip: Groomed this past weekend

Blueberry Ridge: The DNR has elected to groom Blueberry Ridge this year. DNR equipment is not ready yet but. In the meantime Friends of Blueberry Ridge have groomed some of the trails. As of this report, Wildcat is not yet open. More info on the website.


Big Bay Pathway: Good to have some snow. Work on meditation/ hidden grin is underway. Meditation is compacted, and I ran the drag as well. the snow is decent in most areas, a little scarce on the stretch past the barn. I will set tracks tonight on meditation. Also have half of hidden grin compacted and ran the drag as well, and hope to have that online wed/thurs as well. I ran the entire trail, and it looks good. Only one big maple came down across hidden grin, I will remove tonight. As usual, we need more snow for the ridgeline. Bear mountain loop to follow meditation, and hidden grin grooming. A special thanks to Clair Depue, our Scandic is running great, and is at the trail.