Not a grooming report

Definitely NOT a Grooming Report

Being in the middle of the three months without any U.P. skiing, the 4th of July ice cream scooping event should not get in the way of anyone’s OD training skis.  Granted, there is a plethora of activities one can enjoy in July but none as thrilling and rewarding as scooping ice cream at the food fest.

For the uninitiated, the Noquemanon Trails Network is the ice cream scooping charity group for each year’s 4th of July festival at Marquette’s Mattson Harbor Park.  Revelers can sample Jilbert’s delicious ice cream from noon to close at 10 PM each day from the 2nd – the 4th.  In exchange for scoops of ice cream NTN receives money used to promote the mission of the NTN.  The NTN receives zero tax payer funds and digging through the sofa cushions rarely yields the kind of return necessary for much of anything.  So, we need your help.  The 4th of July festivities is one of our major fund raising events and we can’t do it without your help.

Please paste the link into your browser (sorry, I fear I am Luddite and it is not a hyper link)  to sign up for a truly enjoyable 2 (or more) hour shift with your friends at the park.

PS, I would gas on ad nauseam but don’t want to detract from the real message (and I have to climb into a pit and dig salt right now).

See you on the (2nd, 3rd and) 4th,