Grooming Report 1/1/13

NTN Trail Report 1/1/13

Happy New Year!
Forestville: Went out for a few hours last night but the cold temps, heavy trail use and lack of new snow made it a “cleanup only” groom.  Made skate lane passes on all trails out to 16k, except Bagwagi. The Noque, Animoosh, Mukwa and Magizi had two skate lane passes.

Save the Date: Down Wind Sports Winter Demo Day 1/5/13 from 9-3 pm.

TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to 14k 12/31 P.M.
Lower Animoosh Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Upper Animoosh Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Boozoo Groomed & Tracked 12/29 PM.
Zhing Groomed & Tracked 12/29 PM.
Papasay Groomed & Tracked 12/23 P.M.
Gookookoo Groomed & Tracked 12/29 P.M.
Bagwagi Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Chiwagi Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Migizi Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Waaban Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Mukwa Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Connectors Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
Mead Hill By pass Groomed & Tracked 12/31P.M.
TRAIL 2nd Priority
Noque from 14K to 510 Groomed & Tracked 12/31 P.M.
TRAIL – Third Priority
Noque – FV – We did roll to the Tourist Park Saturday but snow cover remains extremely thin and good skis are not recommended. Regular grooming will take place when snow permits.

Saux Head: Received some lake effect early Saturday morning. Groomed the Saux Head Trail system early Saturday afternoon. Overall, the trail is in good skiing condition. Note: The base condition at the East Trailhead parking area of the Peep-O-Day is on the thin side compared to the rest of the trail.

Al Quaal: Detailed report and news follow this link.

Fit Strip: Groomed and tracked 12/22. Rock skis recommended.

Blueberry Ridge: The DNR has elected to groom Blueberry Ridge this year. DNR equipment is not ready yet but. In the mean time Friends of Blueberry Ridge have groomed some of the trails. As of this report, Wildcat is not yet open. More info on the website.

Valley Spur: We received 5 inches of new snow since New Years Eve Day and we will have all trails opened today. Trails A,B,C,D,H,W and Y will be open by 10am. We will be grooming the system twice today to get the skate deck as firm as possible.  Happy New Year from your Valley Spur Grooming Team.

South Trails Snow Bike Route 12/31/12: Very good conditions still exist. We groomed a portion of West Greywalls Sunday night.  Psi of 3 to 5.