Fat Tire Bike Guidelines

Winter 2013-2014

What is a Snow Bike or Fat Bike?

  • A bike specially designed with tires that are 3.8-4.5 inches wide to float on snow or soft sand.  Rims start at 65 mm wide and tires than run on 10 psi or less
  • To ride on the NTN trails front and rear tires need to be at a 3.5 width or more
  • No mountain bikes will be allowed on trails. They create deep ruts in the groomed surface.
  • Ride only when temperatures are cold enough to sustain the groomed trail
  • Riders need to be aware of the depth of their tire grooves.
  • If the groove is half inch or more, air pressure should be reduced or consider riding anotherday
  • Bike helmets are encouraged
  • Lights are recommended during the evening hours
  • Ride courteously so as not to interfere with the movement of other trail users
  • When approaching another trail user  from behind, call “Trail” and “On your right (or left)”
  •  If being passed, move to one side

Snow bikes may ride on the groomed trails as follows:

  • South Marquette Snow Bike Route (SBR) hot pink signed trails
  • Noquemanon from Forestville down to Tourist Park
  • Noquemanon from Forestville up to Plum Creek trailhead on Wednesdays after 5 pm and Sundays after 3 pm only.
  • Fit Strip

Currently, NTN is unable to completely separate snow bikes, skiers, snowshoes, dogs, and skijor trail users therefore we ask you to respectfully share portions of the trails. Please honor the trail use designations as our signage indicates.

By following these guidelines and trail etiquette, we’ll keep users safe and smiling while enjoying the trails. Thanks!