2019 June 30, Un-Grooming Report and 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping Opportunities

2019 June 30, Un-Grooming Report and 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping Opportunities

I know at least half of you don’t want me to post ramblings unless they show true wit and insight.  The other one has a spam filter.  However, regardless the evidence, I agree with a great grooming report writer’s quip; “brevity is the soul of wit”. To that end I will get right to the point.


There are still open spots in the ice cream scooping schedule.  No less a heavy hammer than Cary admonished me for failing to fill the scooping slots. Forgetting there are only two, I assured him the readership was massive and slots will be filled.


In my hopeless optimism, I assured him that everything will be ok. That is my go to line when faced with dire circumstances.  I always remember Rob Hall’s phone call from just below the south summit.  Folks at the base camp are holding a radio next to a satellite phone so they can chat.  Everyone including his wife know how the night will end but he closes with, “everything will be ok”.  I should add, Cary has his own safe place when faced with adversity and reminds younger associates that all bleeding will stop eventually.


So, please do consider dusting off your soup bone putting it to work over the 4th.  If neither of you sign up they may look for another (un) grooming report writer.


The NTN is a grass roots organization with hundreds of members across all walks (skis, bikes, paddles, runs, etc.) of life. With only one known exception, the members are nice and interesting people you should get to know.  Please follow the link below, sign up for a shift (or two) and join in the fun.




See you there,


PS: sorry the photo is a non-sequitur but nice none the less.



Important Event Schedule Information:

  • International Food Fest Ice Cream Scooping July 3-5
  • Forestville Festival (July 12-13)
  • The O2S (August 10),
  • Trail 50 (August 16-17)
  • Marquette Marathon (August 31)


If you don’t understand each event you have some required reading. These are world class events right in our back yard. I will likely resist the urge to shut up about these events as they draw nigh.  Anyway, go to www.noquetrails.org and follow the events link to find out what you have been missing.  See you out there.