2019 February 27, Grooming Report

2019 February 27, Grooming Report;   Today’s report is brought to you from the NTN office located at Lakeview Arena where we unfortunately don’t get to enjoy a view of the trails. Thanks to Dave Buhl for sharing his picture of the fresh corduroy yesterday so we can live vicariously through him.  On the rare occasion that Sondo is not able to fulfill his trail reporting duty, the NTN office stumbles through the TrailReporting101 document and attempts to get information out to you in a timely manner. If it’s a little later then normal this morning, it’s because we feel

2019 January 23, Grooming Report;   

2019 January 23, Grooming Report;   Thank you Trail Builders: Today’s report is brought to you by  The Lindsay and Teeter Family.     Without folks like the Lindsay and Teeter family we would not be able to enjoy the great skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see them, say thanks.  New pictures from anyone will be appreciated.  I really mean this.  I agonize missing some Trail Builders.  The Lindsay and Teeter family have been long supporters and I have failed to recognize them.  Our staff will frequently rearrange the letters on my keyboard and string together the paper

Grooming April 9, 2018

April 8, 2018;    Late season schedule in effect.  The trail head building is now closed for the season.  Grooming will be more limited. Forestville Real Grooming Report:  Today Bob cleaned up the skate lanes on the high traffic areas of the Noque’, Animoosh and Chiwagi. Continued mid-winter weather will have all trails in great shape. The classic tracks from Friday night’s Bombi run are still in excellent shape.  Expect great skiing again today.   Remember, please send in your spring skiing pictures and we will run them here.  By the way, although the “caption that photo” contest was closed for

Weekend Grooming – March 24/25, 2018

It’s Spring: Today’s weekend grooming report is coming at you from the NTN office as Sondo is offline for a few days. You may notice that the snow is slowly disappearing, yup happens this time of year. On the plus side there is still some great conditions out there and the potential is increasing for some fabulous crust.  Since the NTN office is posting the weekend report, it’s an opportunity for us to give a shout out to our grooming crew that has been keeping things smooth this season. It definitely is a science and we are thankful to have such a dedicated crew committed

Grooming February 28, 2018

February 28, 2018;   Thank you Trail Builders: Today’s report is brought to you by Northern Michigan University. NMU owns and sponsors a section of trail west of Forestville on the Noque’.  Without the contribution from folks like NMU we would not be able to enjoy the great skiing we have come to expect.  So, if you see anyone at NMU, please say thanks. Forestville Real Grooming Report:  An inch of new fluffy snow fell overnight and Bob and Andy are cleaning up skate lanes on all trails from Forestville to 17k. Classic tracks are still quite good from the

Grooming February 25, 2017

February 25, 2017; grooming report Today’s report is brought to you by the Big Bay Pathway, home of the Honey Bear Classic happening in Big Bay today! With all the fresh snow that has fallen in the last 24 hours, the trail crew in Big Bay is working to set some great classic tracks for this fun-for-everyone event that starts at 1pm today. The Organizers at the Honey Bear Classic want to express that this event is all about fun!  You pick how many laps you would like to do, and you predict how long it will take you to

Grooming Dec 20 2016

December 20, 2016;  Trail report from the Cub Reporter, pinch hitting for our Fearless Leader.  Real Grooming Report Forestville: Today’s grooming schedule has the Ginzu out on the Noque this morning, going all the way to Co Rd 510.  Grooming attention will also be paid to the skate lanes on Animoosh and Chiwaji.  Real Grooming Repot Fit Strip:  The Fit Strip is groomed and ready for skiing action.  Real Grooming Report Saux Head:  Saux Head is likely ready as well.  Trail Host Volunteers Needed:  I expect you have enjoyed the company and service of our trail head hosts over the years.  You

NTN Professional Opportunities

NTN Events Equipment Manager The NTN Events Committee is actively seeking someone that could assist in managing its equipment inventory. The main events are the Noquemanon Ski Marathon, Ore To Shore Mountain Bike Epic, Marquette Marathon, Marquette Trails Fest and the Marquette Ultra 50. The job requires checking equipment in and out, and making sure it is in good working order. Expectation of time is 1-2 hours per event plus another 4-5 hours throughout the year when equipment is rented out. Modest compensation will be considered. 2015 Summer Internship Opportunity The Noquemanon Trail Network is looking for a summer intern

NTN Dirtball, May 16, 2015

Grooming February 5, 2015

Grooming Report February 5, 2015 Today’s grooming report is brought to you by an attractive brown haired girl and guest.   As you can see Liz and her guest sponsor the 14k mark  on the Noque’.  As you may know, our network receives zero government funds.  The NTN rely on contributions from skiers.  Our k marker and Junction sponsors are also pass holders but have given an extra measure of financial support.  So, if you see Liz and some guy, say thanks.  We still have a few markers available.   Forestville: Short Version: Very light traffic has indicated we hold off on