Statement on Water Situation

We believe fresh potable water is essential for the health of our members and visitors and the future growth of the Network.   Adequate water to drink and operate bathroom facilities is undeniably important. A water storage system that is professionally designed would ease the pressure on our well during peak activities. A water well was drilled at the Forestville facility using all of the currently available technology in 2011. Unfortunately, after more than $14,000 of expense, the maximum flow achieved was 3 gallons per hour. We found early–on that the well would run dry after only small number of flushes

A Thank You from a Community Member

Sharing to all those people out there that help make the NTN trails what they are today. Thank you also to the biker that sent this great letter. It is not every day you get a letter like this.  

Equipment Inventory Manager

NTN Membership: The NTN Events Committee is actively seeking someone that could assist in managing its equipment inventory.  The main events are the Noquemanon Ski Marathon, Ore To Shore Mountain Bike Epic, Marquette Marathon, Marquette Trails Fest and the Marquette Ultra 50.  The job requires checking equipment in and out, and making sure it is in good working order.  Expectation of time is 1-2 hours per event plus another 4-5 hours throughout the year when equipment is rented out.  Please call or email Jon Mommaerts (226-8711 or if you are interested.  Modest compensation will be considered.

NTN Merchandise

The NTN office is busting with leftover single track clothing–let us know if you’d like one of the listed items! Black button up with green NTN logo — (small medium and large) orange t shirt with NTN logo — (small and medium) Men’s grey t with NTN logo — (small medium large and extra large) Women’s grey t with NTN logo — (medium and extra large) Womens white longsleeve t with green NTN logo (large and extra large) Men’s white t with green NTN logo — (medium and extra large) Blue t shirt with NTN logo — (youth large and

Neat note: we built 16 wooden structures totaling roughly 220′!!!

With snow in the forecast its time to do our “year in review” photo blast of the past. See Facebook page for the photos, this was too good not to add to the website)   It has been a great year filled with amazing projects! Here are some of them (not in order) : Huge Carp river valley clean-up. Annual spring trail clean-up The annual “Dirt-ball” fun-raiser. Carp bridge install (annual). Carpe Eh Diem xc. New DS course. Marquette Trail Fest. Many FR upgrades. 1 over under xc/fr 2 huck overs, fr over xc. Continuation of Collinsville Cut xc. Smiley

NTN Year in Review Summer 2014

What do you think of when the Noquemanon Trail Network is mentioned? Snow? Ski Marathon? Winter? Well, it’s not just a winter organization anymore. Although some of us called the summer of 2014 the “summer that wasn’t”, the mountain biking team of the NTN was hard at work in the forests around Marquette. A new trail was built near the Carp River in the South Trails System, aptly named “Carp-EH-diem”. In the northern section, near the Board of Light and Power off of Wright St., an extension of the wildly popular Collinsville Trail was constructed. The inaugural Marquette Trail Festival

Two Noquemanon Trail Network Work Bees to choose from:

Two Noquemanon Trail Network Work Bees to choose from: NTN Single Track We are quickly (and sadly) approaching the end of “fall” With this comes the need to clean up the trails so we can ride (no, rip) the trails right up to and into winter.  We are scheduling a MASSIVE leaf clean up for this coming Wednesday the 22nd @ 5:00at the South Trail parking lot. Bring your rake. If you cannot make it at 5, but still want to help, contact the NTN office and we can try to save a section for you! Perhaps your favorite section!!!

“Trail Towns as Recreation Destinations”

Michigan Municipal League workshop on “Trail Towns as Recreation Destinations” Lunch at Elizabeth’s Chop House with an information Powerpoint from LIAA, tour of South Trailhead and Grom, stopped at the Tourist Park Trailhead to end a great afternoon. Thanks to all that helped make it one of the best tours of the day. More information on Trail Towns in Michigan go to

The Noquemanon Trail Network has been selected to participate in the Swick Home Service’s “Gold Star Giving” program.

The Noquemanon Trail Network has been selected to participate in the Swick Home Service’s “Gold Star Giving” program. Gold Star Giving is a month long online voting contest and the winner receives a check for $500.00 from Swick.  No strings gimmicks…just a check for $500.00 if we receive the most votes. Starting at 5pm on October 1st, individuals can visit the Swick Website at On the bottom of the home page is a banner that explains “Gold Star Giving”.  People can click on the “VOTE NOW” button and they will be directed to a page in which they

NTN Singletrack Membership Update

Dear Trail User, Despite the fact that many people have started to call 2014 the ‘year without a summer’ it has been a great year so far for those of us here in Marquette that love to use trails. The NTN has completed some great new trails highlighted by the Carp-EH-diem trail along the Carp River in the South Trail system and the Collinsville extension on the north side.  We also opened a dual slalom course, a new beginner to intermediate dirt jump trail and have continued to make upgrades to several of the free ride trails on the Benson