Forestville Festival; Volunteer Opportunities and the return of the WTLGR

July Grooming Report Number 2 (and the return of the “way too long” grooming report).

Forestville Festival 2018 is coming!  You still have a chance to sign up for some very light duty in exchange for free admission do one of the unique music and art festivals anywhere on the planet.  For just a few hours of being a parking director, bus coordinator, tenting checker inner you get free admission for the weekend.  Please do sign up before it is too late.  Remember, it is for a very good cause.  See the list and sign up here: .


Way Too Long Not a Grooming Report: Now for the click bate.  A letter poured regarding the whereabouts of the “way too long” grooming report.  Well, I found it while digging through the sofa cushions along with the gum wrappers and my original quarry, loose change.  The freedom allowed by the WTLGR is cathartic.  While serving no real purpose, it is cathartic none the less. Of course, that assumes my pleas above serve some purpose other than to fill space on a (web) page.  So, as I pen these thoughts(?), I realize I am in polar fleece and can see my breath.  Now, after the 4th of July and our obligatory heat wave (it reached 90+ for the first time since 2015), one can not mistake this for a fall pattern.  Before the 4th one can always say, “it is still early” when it is so cold.  Not any longer.  So it is time to get those skis (and cardio system) ready.