2019 March 29, Grooming Report;

2019 March 29, Grooming Report;  

Grooming is now being done from the trail head at Co Rd 510 due to logging at the eastern end of the system.  The best skiing is near 510 anyway and the snow is quite deep near 510 so we will be skiing for some time.  See the map of affected areas.

Forestville/Co Rd 510 Trails:

No grooming today but skiing will be quite good regardless provided you pick the time and place. We are in freeze thaw cycle and trails will be rock hard this morning.  Sunny skies and light air will make for spectacular crust skiing off piste until mid-afternoon when the crust may become unstable.  If you want to ski on the groomed trails you will find the Goldie Locks zone beginning about 11AM and should be good until late afternoon.  Enjoy.

Too Long Grooming Report: On those days without a Too Long Grooming Report I imagine it is like children on Christmas.  You know, they bound down the stairs and start ripping open package after package in eager anticipation. Then, when they hit the sox and shirts the disappointment washes across their face.  So, as I have often been told, if I don’t have anything to say, feel free to shut up. So, the grooming report will become more intermittent in the coming weeks.  If there is no grooming (and I have nothing witty(?) to   say in the WTLGR, I will keep my powder dry and avoid wasting oxygen.  (And the crowd bursts into cheers).


Comments on construction near South Trails:  The trail head on Co Rd 553 has been disrupted by construction related to SEMCO’s new pipeline right of way.  NTN’s President is both an avid skier and snow biker and has had boots (and wheels) on the ground/snow and offers the following information:


I made a significant error in a previous post/e-mail regarding the SEMCO pipe line.   There is absolutely no connection between SEMCO and its pipe/land clearing and the Board of Light and Power and it’s Marquette Energy Center. I apologize to Tom Carpenter and all BLP employees for that error.  Below is what (I hope) is a more accurate statement.  But I will say that I still think the BLP is doing a great job and deserve praise for the work they do and for all the support they give the Noquemanon Trail Network, including access to their land.


I have been talking to City of Marquette Administration about the SEMCO clearing near the South Trailhead, and following is a bit of an update.   SEMCO, a natural gas provider, is putting in a redundancy (or back up) line/loop through South Marquette, with the gas line being put in from the west through Marquette Township, following the snowmobile trail and old power line that runs towards the Benson Grade, then coursing back to the snowmobile trail/rail road grade near the ski hill, then staying on the west side of CR 553 to where Porcupine Pass starts, then crossing 553 to the north part of the NTN Trailhead parking lot, then turning north towards Division, then staying on the east of Division to where it crosses the snow bike trail coming out of Granite Point.  The path has taken the pipe over a number of trails, including the start of Porcupine Pass and the snow bike route between Granite Point and the trail head.


We believe there may be other disruptions as well but will keep you posted as we know more. NTN has a meeting scheduled tomorrow with SEMCO to get details on construction and restoration.


It should be noted that the City advocated for the current route as the original proposed route would have come directly over Benson Grade and had significantly more impact on the trails.



Again, my apologies for the errors in my original message.


Cary Gottlieb

President, NTN





More information on the larger project can be found here: https://www.marquetteconnectorfacts.com




Over 99% of the trails we ski, bike, run and walk are owned by private land owners.  Most of the trails are on commercial forest land.  These land owners wish to see their land used by skiers, bikers, runners and walkers for 99+% of the time.  All they ask is that we understand they need to use the land for a few months per decade.

I really want both of you to understand how important our commercial forests are to life in the U.P.  In much of the country where commercial forestry has fallen behind other uses as the highest and best use, trails like the entire NTN are not possible.  Land in such areas is owned in small private blocks and the public is locked out.

Effective March 25th, parts of our trail system were closed for logging.  One of the keys to the NTN’s success is the fact our users understand this symbiosis.  Our part in this process is to stay out of the way of the loggers and thank them for their support.  Logging is a dangerous and capital intensive operation.  We need to help them be safe and look out for their equipment.  Trails will be marked as closed and we trust you will stay away from the logging operations.

The land owners always wait until late in the year to allow as long a ski season as possible.  In addition, they attempt to keep as much of the trail open as possible.  Beginning next Monday, several sections of trail near the power lines will be blocked and logging trucks will be driving on them.

The NTN is committed to providing top quality skiing if at all possible.  You have come to expect nothing less and we are used to providing nothing but.  We will continue to groom trails between Co Rd 510 and the logging areas.  Most skiers (especially the spring time skiers) know the best skiing is near Co Rd 510 anyway.  More details regarding trail closures will be in Monday’s report.

In any case, if you have not done so, please renew your membership.  There are K markers available. Your name and favorite picture can be here too.


New pictures from anyone will be appreciated.  I really mean this.  I agonize missing some Trail Builders.



Saux Head: Any skier comments will be appreciated.



Fit Strip:.  Any skier comments will be appreciated.



Big Bay Pathway:  Any skier comments will be appreciated.



South Snow Bike Trails: We are in spring “freeze/thaw” cycle. Any rider comments will be appreciated.



North Trails: We are in spring “freeze/thaw” cycle. Any rider comments will be appreciated.


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