2019 June 12, Un-Grooming Report and 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping Opportunities

2019 June 12, Un-Grooming Report and 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping Opportunities

One can learn all secrets of the cosmos or gain vast insight after reading the world’s great literature but the appreciation of desert remains unchanged. After special dinners in my youth we would look forward to the secunda mensa.  All horrid children think they are so cute.  We would pipe in that shrill pre-school pitch.  You all know the rhyme: “We cuss you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus.”.  Over the decades with fresh vegetables becoming available year round our palates have changed.


So, after an elegant sufficiency at Mattson Harbor Park 4th of July International Food Festival, children of all ages, horrid or not, will line up for Ice Cream scooped by NTN volunteers.


This is your chance to meet new and interesting people and do good for your community.  The NTN budget is held together with a shoe string, loose change and other less valuable (but more disgusting) items found under the sofa cushions. This scooping project nets more than I have ever seen in a life time of mining sofa cushions.  Remember, the grooming report writer’s fee (and more importantly, the grooming report writer critic’s fee) is paid out of the same budget (to date it has been $0 but is scheduled to double next year).


The NTN is a grass roots organization with hundreds of members across all walks (skis, bikes, paddles, runs, etc.) of life. With only one known exception, the members are nice and interesting people you should get to know.  Please follow the link below, sign up for a shift (or two) and join in the fun.




See you there,


PS: sorry the photo is a non-sequitur but I didn’t have a good picture of asparagus or ice cream.



Important Event Schedule Information:

  • The Trails fest (June 21-23)
  • International Food Fest Ice Cream Scooping July 3-5
  • Forestville Festival (July 12-13)
  • The O2S (August 10),
  • Trail 50 (August 16-17)
  • Marquette Marathon (August 31)


If you don’t understand each event you have some required reading. These are world class events right in our back yard. I will likely resist the urge to shut up about these events as they draw nigh.  Anyway, go to www.noquetrails.org and follow the events link to find out what you have been missing.  See you out there.