2019 February 1, Grooming Report;

2019 February 1, Grooming Report;  

Thank you Trail Builders:

Today’s report is brought to you by  all of the long suffering Trail Builders that have not been feted this year.  With school closed maybe someone can go get pictures of all the missing signs. If I had a different gene set (or not so much to do at the office) I would call in sick and go take pictures.   I feel terrible and do hope to get a full set of pictures this week.  New pictures from anyone will be appreciated.  I really mean this.  I agonize missing some Trail Builders.

If you have not done so, please renew your membership. ALSO, there are K markers available. Your name and favorite picture can be here too.

Forestville Real Grooming Report:    Groomers are parked again this morning with double digit below zero (f) temperatures.  The team is scheduled to begin cleaning up today.   Tomorrow looks to be a nice day and we will endeavor to have trails ready for your skiing enjoyment.


TRAIL – First Priority
Noque to Pines
Lower Animoosh
New snow on trails today; plan to groom later today
Upper Animoosh  
Chiwagi by pass  
Chiwagi Hills  
TRAIL 2nd Priority  
Noque from 17k  to 510

TRAIL – Third Priority

Noque Ponds – to  FV



As always, your feedback is appreciated via reply to this email or to FB.    Send in pictures and you too can get your K marker moved to the front of the line.  See the Nordic skiing FB page https://www.facebook.com/NTNNordic/


Saux Head: Trails groomed weekly

New snow on trails


Fit Strip: New snow on trails


Big Bay Pathway:  New snow on trails


Snow Bike Trails:

South Trails: Mike pulled the groomers due to dangerous cold weather.  Ride at your own risk


North Trails: North trails were groomed yesterday but there will be some drifting in open areas.

5-6 psi recommended

Of course you can also post your own information on the FB page and you are encouraged to do so. Here is the link:



Too Long To Read Report: It feels like being in a Twilight Zone episode.  You know, where the protagonist takes some apparently innocuous action that turns out very badly.  Now I fear use of a surf reporting term has turned the world down a dark path.  As many of you know, when the sum of the water and air temperature is less than or equal to 60f the waves have to be a little better to make one anxious to get in the lineup. Combined with wind and ice chips blowing in your face (using formula beyond the scope of today’s report) there is a misery factor reported in a numeric value.  AS A JOKE; the grooming report used a similar set of factors including the friction coefficient of sub zero snow and air temperatures (and such things as wind, sky cover etc., again, too involved for this report) we reported a Nordic ski misery factor.  When society began to pay attention to cold weather and associated it with misery we halted the reporting practice but I fear it was too late.  Now we are seeing schools, businesses and even government agencies actually closing because, get this, it is too cold!  I don’t think the impressionist of the 19th century expected life to imitate art just as I never imagined people would go to these logical extremes with the misery factor.  I greatly regret and apologize for my grievous error in judgement.  I do hope the world comes to its senses.