Grooming Report November 29, 2015

Written by John on November 29, 2015

November 29, 2015; This is a grooming report!

Reporting Notes: First of all, let me apologize for failing to post ski conditions Friday and Saturday. It was not for want of trying. The technology gods conspired against me. Then, in a success of persistence over skill, I solved the Gordian knot. So, although you may have missed some great skiing you won’t miss out on great insights I would have shared Friday morning: like; football is a stupid game; or, isn’t

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Sports Rack Club Day and What CPA Stands For

Written by John on November 17, 2015

Skip to the real press release below if you want to avoid wasting time: You know, I will tend to make light of almost any situation. For example, my hair and girth are frequent fodder for light hearted ribbing. I should add, when I pop that aneurism I do hope I have time to crack wise with something like, “I told you so” or some such thing to take the edge off the kind souls that look after the remains.

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Almost a Grooming Report; Come to the Snowball

Written by John on November 13, 2015

One would think I could provide useful information without the annoying preamble just once.

Well, although hope springs eternal, if it is ever going to happen, today is not the day.

So, although poor prose and trite tomes are free, grooming is not. With that in mind, until a wealthy benefactor underwrites our operation you will continue to be forced to wade through the chaff to get a few grains of rice. The Snowball is not only fun, it is a major

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Can Grooming Reports Be Far Behind?

Written by John on November 4, 2015

Dear NTN Family and Friends,

If you want to save five minutes of tortuous reading, skip to the last paragraph or just renew your NTN membership.

My how time flies. It seems like yesterday that we celebrated the St. Ivo of Kermartin day snow storm. With the season starting following the Veteran’s day storm, we had over 6 months of great skiing.

You have either received or will soon receive a postcard in the U.S. mail directing (asking, begging, pleading…) you to go

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Non-Grooming Report May 11, 2015

Written by John on May 11, 2015

Lack of Grooming Report May 11, 2015


Arcane rules related to frequency of submissions are being blamed for the dearth of applications in the “Last Ski of the Season” contest. It seems the weighting, designed to prevent every outing being submitted, may cause potential winners to pull a Dan O’Brien. Of course it may be only us silver backs that remember when he “no heighted” in the Olympic trials due to similar fears related to misses in the pole vault.

So, if

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No Grooming April 28, 2015

Written by John on April 28, 2015

Lack of Grooming Report April 28, 2015

As you can see above, it is not only dorky guys that ski in late April. There has been a raging debate as to reasons for the preponderance of dorky guy photos being submitted. The conventional wisdom has centered around dorky guys not having anything better to do than go skiing. I, on the other hand, am reminded of the process one goes through when in urgent need of a haircut in a town

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No Grooming April 26, 2015

Written by John on April 26, 2015

Who needs grooming? “NoGrooming” Report April 26, 2015

Did I say, NO GROOMING TODAY?; For those of you that thought skiing had sunk to the level of bet winning, look at this. I expect there is similar skiing at Valley Spur but I have not received first hand accounts. I did have to drive almost 25 minutes instead of the normal 12 minuts to find this skiing but put my race skis on the snow right from the parking lot

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Written by admin on April 16, 2015

Easement on Plum Creek land ensures permanent recreation access for thousands of residents and visitors

The Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) today announced that it has purchased nearly 10 miles of silent sports trail easements plus a 40-acre parcel of land in Marquette County from Plum Creek Timber Company, thanks to funding awarded by the Eagle Mine Community Fund.

The 40-acre fee purchase, which surrounds the County Road 510 Trailhead, connects the trail easements including the Ore to Shore route and a bypass trail

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Grooming (well, skiing anyway) April 16, 2015

Written by admin on April 16, 2015

Grooming Report April 16, 2015

NO GROOMING TODAY;   Of course there are always positive and negative elements to any situation.  Today’s report is no different.  So, following tradition, here is the “bad”.  We are not grooming; I have to drag my skis out of the basement yet again; The above photo is of a dorky guy rather than a pretty girl (I mean no disrespect to the subject.  It is just, as a dorky guy, I see the world as a

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No Grooming Again; April 14, 2015

Written by admin on April 14, 2015

Grooming Report April 14, 2015

NO GROOMING TODAY;    I was feeling rather smug in my confidence on winning the “Last Ski of the Season” contest and even took my skis out of the truck.  Then, to my horror, one of our Forestville trail head fixtures informed me he had applied summer storage wax to his skis.  So, just as washing one’s car makes it rain, clearly we will now get more snow.  As you may recall, my nonagenarian mother won the

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