Un-Grooming Report July 5, 2019; you can be my hero; Scoop Ice Cream

Un-Grooming Report July 5, 2019

I know some of you feel I lack sufficient cynicism to properly opine on conditions; grooming or otherwise.  I can assure you, when appropriate, I can muster a good deal of what Diogenes  called eudaimonia.  Regardless that, NTN’s ice cream scooping program (although not for a lack of the attempt) did not create the thermal event that washed out last night’s fireworks display.  Followers of Diogenes are convinced we seeded the clouds so tonight’s fireworks display will drive ice cream sales.  A decade ago we had the identical scenario and sales were prodigious.   Food Fest vendors have been pulling for a repeat ever since.  The timing was impeccable.  Too early a washout and you lose sales on the 4th.  No, the weather event needs to direct organizers to make the call at 9:30 PM.  It could not have been more exact.

Of course, one has to be careful of what one wishes.  After all, what would that dog do if he/she actually caught that car?  However, it is best to plan for success.  I am reminded of the invention of metal skin skis in the 1960s.  After years of toil his skis were recognized as the best in the world.  He couldn’t make them fast enough.  But for lack of capacity Howard Head would have likely captured 99% of the world market (there is always 1% of the truly cynical that say, “The old way is the best way.”).  The take away is clear.  If you have a captive market, be ready to fill the orders as fast as they come.

So, I am pained when the ice cream line is even near the balking point much less at the reneging stage.    After the parade and before the fire works show we could sell 10 times more ice cream if we had the scoopers. As the great grooming report writer Archimedes quipped, with a long enough lever I can lift the world.  Of course, there are scale limitations so I am not sure how many scoopers is too many but it is surely a very big number.    With enough scoopers we could fund ski operations and get a real grooming report writer.

Now, with this bonus day at the Food Fest, we have ZERO persons signed up for the 8-10 PM shift!  This is a dire situation of which either one of you can fix.  If you both sign up and bring two friends you will be lionized in song.  For years skiers and bikers will speak of you in hushed and reverent tone.

Please Please do take this opportunity to make a difference.  It may not solve world hunger or middle east peace but it will do wonders for the NTN operation that is so near and dear to us all.  Follow the link and sign up.  Thanks,