Fit Strip

The Fit Strip provides locally maintained and easily accessible skiing on a technically simple course over rolling terrain. The Fit Strip is utilized by skiers of all expertise throughout the winter that desire a convenient and time efficient location to ski. The trail is lit during the evening hours to accommodate night skiing.

The Fit Strip was designed and constructed beginning in 1980 on city property adjacent to the Park Cemetery. It is a 1.6 mile loop that is wide enough to accommodate recreational activity year round including cross country skiing, running, training and biking.

In 2007 the Noquemanon Trail Network began maintaining the trail through grooming and preservation efforts for community use. The trail is utilized throughout the season and is currently maintained by the collaborative efforts of the Noquemanon Trail Network, The Marquette Board of Light & Power and the City of Marquette.

The Fit Strip is a well-maintained, peaceful and invigorating trail that gives you the feeling of skiing through the heart of the woods without having to leave the city.