IMBA Bike Summit in Marquette, MI, June 12-14 and keynote speaker Gary Fisher


Dear NTN Members and Marquette Community,

You are invited to join IMBA Upper Midwest, IMBA Great Lakes and keynote speaker Gary Fisher for an epic mountain bike summit in Marquette, MI, June 12-14.

Marquette Ride Trio

If you are seeking to broaden your connections within the mountain bike community, grow your knowledge base to advance local mountain bike efforts and simply enjoy exploring the variety of excellent trails that make up an IMBA Ride Center, this is the event for you!

Bring the whole family, as there are many activities in the greater Upper Peninsula for all ages. Consider including a trip to another IMBA Ride Center in Copper Harbor, MI, and your “epic” summer vacation has nearly planned itself.

Friday is Landowner Management day and this session is available to land management agencies, government officials, tourism and planning professionals.  

For complete details and registration, visit the IMBA  website. The entire event is only $50 for IMBA members and includes one full day of workshops and social networking, followed by a day of group rides and bike demo opportunities.

We hope to see you there!

Michelle Barker, IMBA Upper Midwest Region Director

Andy Williamson, IMBA Great Lakes Region Director

Nicole Dewald, NTN Director of Operations 

Lyle VanderSchaaf, NTN Singletrack Chair