Heartwood Property

South Trail Update – Heartwood Forestland

The City of Marquette is actively soliciting Request for Qualification (RFQ) proposals for development of Parcels 9, 10, 11, 12 & 35 of the Heartwood Forestland Property encompassing portions of the South Trails Network. Impacted parcels and trails are shown in pink (“Proposed Development”) on the map below. Orange is “Future Development” and Green is “Conservation” according to the Community Master Plan – Planning Commission Recommendations for Heartwood Forestland. Deadline for RFQ submittal is June 15th. The NTN Board has extensively discussed the trail infrastructure potentially affected by any development and determined that:

1. Parcel 35 (immediately south of the trailhead) is absolutely integral to the South Trail system connectivity and trail experience and development on this parcel will markedly impact existing trails and users of the trail system.
2. Parcels 9, 10, 11, & 12, with the right developer can be carefully planned in cooperation with NTN to incorporate existing or adjust routes as feasible.

Based on these determinations, a letter requesting the following has been submitted to Mike Angeli, City Manager:

1. Parcel 35 be removed from the RFQ process so the NTN can work with the City to develop a plan that best suits the needs of the community and adheres to the mission of the NTN. This land is integral to the trail experience that has put Marquette on the national radar and loss could jeopardize the core of the South Trails network. Purchase by the NTN will be considered as a primary option for the property but other collaborative efforts could also be explored.
2. Strongly suggest that the City of Marquette secure permanent public trail easements through all of the Heartwood lands in concert with future development working with the NTN including Parcels 9, 10, 11, & 12 that also have active RFQ solicitations.

On Monday, June 11, 6pm, NTN will be at the City Commission meeting to speak on this issue and we hope many of you will also be there to show your support. Please stay informed as we move forward, share this information with others, and be ready for a fundraising campaign to protect Parcel 35 if given the opportunity.

Thank you for supporting the South Trails.