Ore To Shore Race


The MGHS Ore To Shore Race Committee is celebrating the 17th annual Ore To Shore Mountain Bike Epic August 8th, 2015! The Ore To Shore is a premier mountain bike event that is located in the heart of the Upper Peninsula’s Marquette County. The goal of the race is to allow all members of the family to race, offering six different events ranging from 48 miles down to just 50 yards.

The Ore to Shore’s long distance 48 mile Hard Rock event starts in Negaunee, travels through Ishpeming and then heads north into the beautiful wooded wilderness. It crosses alongside of the Dead River all the way in Marquette to the Lake Superior shoreline. The shorter 28 mile Soft Rock race also starts in Negaunee, but immediately turns north and then east towards Marquette. The two courses merge six miles north of Negaunee, and the Soft Rock riders get to experience the same Dead River and Superior overlooks as well as the same finish line. The 10 mile Shore Rock race starts at Lakeview, travels towards Tourist Park and along the last section of the Hard/Soft Rock. The course will circle around and finish back at Lakeview arena.