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Un-Grooming Report July 5, 2019; you can be my hero; Scoop Ice Cream

Un-Grooming Report July 5, 2019 I know some of you feel I lack sufficient cynicism to properly opine on conditions; grooming or otherwise.  I can assure you, when appropriate, I can muster a good deal of what Diogenes  called eudaimonia.  Regardless that, NTN’s ice cream scooping program (although not for a lack of the attempt) did not create the thermal event that washed out last night’s fireworks display.  Followers of Diogenes are convinced we seeded the clouds so tonight’s fireworks display will drive ice cream sales.  A decade ago we had the identical scenario and sales were prodigious.   Food Fest

2019 June 30, Un-Grooming Report and 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping Opportunities

2019 June 30, Un-Grooming Report and 4th of July Ice Cream Scooping Opportunities I know at least half of you don’t want me to post ramblings unless they show true wit and insight.  The other one has a spam filter.  However, regardless the evidence, I agree with a great grooming report writer’s quip; “brevity is the soul of wit”. To that end I will get right to the point.   There are still open spots in the ice cream scooping schedule.  No less a heavy hammer than Cary admonished me for failing to fill the scooping slots. Forgetting there are

Forestville Festival; Volunteer Opportunities and the return of the WTLGR

July Grooming Report Number 2 (and the return of the “way too long” grooming report). Forestville Festival 2018 is coming!  You still have a chance to sign up for some very light duty in exchange for free admission do one of the unique music and art festivals anywhere on the planet.  For just a few hours of being a parking director, bus coordinator, tenting checker inner you get free admission for the weekend.  Please do sign up before it is too late.  Remember, it is for a very good cause.  See the list and sign up here: .  

Not a Grooming Report July 2018

July Grooming Report (see explanation as to why this is called a “Grooming Report” below. Forestville Festival 2018 is coming!  Don’t miss your chance to volunteer.  See important Grooming Report conditions below! It is hard (for us really old people) to imagine it has been almost 50 years since Max Yasgur uttered those now famous lines that began, “I’m a Farmer.”  Of course, Mr. Yasgur was far more than a farmer.  He was really a great man and not just a foot note to one of the iconic events of the 20th century.  Max envisioned what we have created almost

A Luddite Grooming Report

A Luddite’s Grooming Report No special reason for the picture, just a nice summer day. I wear some monikers with honor, or, at least tolerance.  However, the term Luddite is problematic.  As either of my technology challenged readers must know, Ned Ludd was the fictional character that railed against the rise of technology in 18th century London.   They feared the rise of technology would doom their livelihood and that of all workers. The skilled weavers blamed Edmund Cartwright for inventing the power loom in 1785.  Of course the real invention was the flying shuttle in 1733 but John Kay escaped

Not a grooming report

Definitely NOT a Grooming Report Being in the middle of the three months without any U.P. skiing, the 4th of July ice cream scooping event should not get in the way of anyone’s OD training skis.  Granted, there is a plethora of activities one can enjoy in July but none as thrilling and rewarding as scooping ice cream at the food fest. For the uninitiated, the Noquemanon Trails Network is the ice cream scooping charity group for each year’s 4th of July festival at Marquette’s Mattson Harbor Park.  Revelers can sample Jilbert’s delicious ice cream from noon to close at

Not a grooming report May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018;   Please send in pictures:  Today’s picture shows that it is not too late for you to enter the “last ski of the season” contest. This is not a Grooming Report:  I understand one of the hotly debated topics among both grooming report readers is; where do grooming report writers “summer”?  Well, first of all, I am not one of those people that use winter or summer as a verb (although I was thinking of autumn-ing in the south of France this year).  More importantly, as my father always said, “why go anywhere; we’re already here”.  I

The Upper Peninsula Health System Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic will be celebrating its 16th year on Saturday, August 8th!

  The Upper Peninsula Health System Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic will be celebrating its 16th year on Saturday, August 8th! What started as a mere 480 racers has grown to well over 2,500–breaking records we never thought possible! This year, we are expecting an even more impressive turnout. The O2S is a point-to-point race, with riders gearing up at the start line in historic Negaunee, where in 1844 iron ore was first discovered in the Superior region. This epic 48 Mile course travels through Ishpeming, past towering head frames from underground mining, then moves north into the beautiful

IMBA Bike Summit in Marquette, MI, June 12-14 and keynote speaker Gary Fisher

  Dear NTN Members and Marquette Community, You are invited to join IMBA Upper Midwest, IMBA Great Lakes and keynote speaker Gary Fisher for an epic mountain bike summit in Marquette, MI, June 12-14. If you are seeking to broaden your connections within the mountain bike community, grow your knowledge base to advance local mountain bike efforts and simply enjoy exploring the variety of excellent trails that make up an IMBA Ride Center, this is the event for you! Bring the whole family, as there are many activities in the greater Upper Peninsula for all ages. Consider including a trip to another IMBA